When is it the right time to contact hospice?    
Hospice becomes an appropriate choice when curative and/or rehabilitative treatments are no longer effective.  Hospice focuses on comfort care, managing symptoms, and quality of life.  Patients who contact us when they first learn an illness is incurable are able to receive the most benefit from hospice care.  If we meet you before there is a crisis, we are best able to have a plan in place to accomplish goals of care that you choose.

Who calls hospice?
Anyone - the patient, a family member, friend, clergy - can call hospice with the initial inquiry.  We can reach out to your physician and assist with obtaining necessary paperwork.

When should I expect to hear from hospice?
We will keep you up-to-date with what's happening.  When we have received approval from your physician, a nurse and social worker will schedule a time to meet with you at your home to complete the admission process.

How does hospice care begin?
Hospice care starts with a request or a ‘referral’ being made by the patient’s doctor.  Usually, hospice care can be started within a day or two of the referral.